We all want to live pain free but for some of us with chronic illness this is all-consuming, and some days are worse than others. In this blog, I am sharing my top 3 tips to prevent pain and inflammation which will help you live a life where you can embrace each day with less pain and more energy.

1. Plenty of protein

It’s not just bodybuilders that need protein, we all do. Just 1g per kg of body weight (your healthy BMI weight) is plenty of protein. Distribute it throughout the day, particularly at breakfast and you will curb the cravings, banish the afternoon slump and start to have more energy throughout the day and reduce inflammation by stabilising your blood sugar.

2. Do well with water

When we get to winter we seem to drink less. Maybe you could have a glass of water each time you reach for a hot drink or simply have some before each meal. Work out ways that you find it easy to drink more and get started today. Being hydrated helps the body to get rid of waste and contributes to reduced pain and inflammation.

3. Maintain movement

You may move loads or not at all. Simply move a bit more each day to get started. One step at a time, up and down the passage, take the stairs at work, organise to meet a friend and walk with them or at least walk to the cafe! Movement is vital to keep inflammation at bay so do something, anything you can, to get started.

If you’d like to get some more personalised tips then book in for my MOT Health Assessment. It is a 60 minute online session where I can do an assessment of what you are feeling and experiencing in your body and give you a plan to take away with simple steps to help your health move forward. Find out more here.