Hello, I’m Alice

I am passionate about creating food that encourages people to eat well, enjoy their food and be healthy into the bargain. I am happiest when cooking in the kitchen at home developing new recipes. I love supporting people to feel better about themselves. My expert knowledge is with diabetes, thyroid and low energy. I help support men and women to change their habits through improved knowledge, nutrition and lifestyle changes. I work with groups and individuals and use my extensive knowledge to help people balance their hormones, increase their energy and feel amazing.

As a diabetes specialist, I know that men over 50 are more susceptible to developing Type 2 diabetes because of stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices.  Trying to handle this on your own is a huge challenge. I am here to support you on your journey and help you learn how to manage an improved lifestyle.

I started my career as a nurse at Charing Cross Hospital, London. Once qualified I specialised in Diabetes. More recently I have had to work hard to restore my own health following a period of serious illness in 2011. This involved my thyroid and adrenal glands which had gradually been deteriorating for 2 years. After 18 months of visiting doctors and failing to respond to prescribed medication I realized that conventional medicine had no more to offer and decided to look at other options.

After working in the NHS for many years, this was a tough decision.

In 2014, I started training as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and qualified in 2017, when I started my practice. I went on to qualify as a Naturopath in 2018.

Having worked hard to help myself, with extensive learning and research, I now have more energy to pursue my dream of supporting other people to develop a healthier lifestyle and overcome chronic illness. I just love helping people to feel better both in themselves and about themselves!

It’s my mission to be the helping hand to support people struggling to manage diabetes

When you decide to work with me,  you are not just buying my knowledge you are buying time. My time and time for yourself, time to focus on getting your health to a better place.

Have you been trying hard to eat better and get moving?  Is it working consistently?  Can you keep it up on your own long term?

The benefits of working closely with me are that you WILL stay on track and you will see RESULTS.

Your energy will increase and  you’ll feel better about managing your blood sugar (depending on why you are there!).

It’s all about motivation, dedication and kindness. We will work together to form new habits for a stronger pathway to better health and happiness.

So yes it’s about knowledge and it’s about time BUT it’s about a whole lot more than that.

Sharing My Recipes

Over the past few years I have developed my cooking skills exponentially, using recipes and ingredients to help my body work at its best.

I am passionate about creating food that encourages people to eat well, enjoy their food and be healthy into the bargain. I am in my element in the kitchen at home developing new recipes and cooking old favourites.

I want to share my passion for great food with you, so head to my blog page for lots of deliciously healthy recipes.

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