Success Stories

Alice has been a brilliant guide in my efforts to control diabetes. She has taken great care to understand my particular circumstances and produced a plan which has seen very positive results in a short period of time. I am very impressed – and deeply grateful!

February 2024

I had 1-hour session with Alice to look at my health, daily habits and a plan to go forward. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew straight away that I was in good hands with Alice and she would listen to me and push me gently in the right healthy direction without overpowering me with what I should or shouldn’t do.

The session I had was almost like a therapeutic session where I could say everything as it is and take it off my chest and Alice helped me define my first small doable steps in the right direction.

I am delighted to have come across again with Alice, she is so personable, relatable, respectful, not patronising, obviously knowledgeable in her specialist area, not judging, helpful with advice and totally radiant and warm person to deal with!

I feel that after the session I got a bit more confident and I feel I can achieve the healthy habits that I need. If any of my friends are reading it and you catch yourself at the thought “Oh, I need to start looking after my health, I know I need to, but perhaps another month…” – just don’t delay your nutritious journey and definitely meet Alice!

January 2024

I met Alice on a Green Farm retreat and had a short session with her. I didn’t really know what to expect but she gave me some advice on a small problem I was having and suggested I might like to take things further by having a longer one-to-one with her, as she felt she could help me further.

Amongst other health issues, I have long COVID-19 and have found it very difficult to get meaningful help and advice from my GP or other NHS clinicians. Alice has given me some structure as well as other helpful suggestions to build on to improve my overall health and well-being. I now feel very positive about moving forward with better health and other tools to help me through tough days.

I really recommend Alice to anyone who is struggling to get health advice and support

January 2024

“First of all, I loved working with Alice and was sad when the sessions ended.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and in the first two or three weeks nothing much changed. My stomach aches were still with me. But after the first few weeks, I really felt and saw a change in my body and felt much uplifted in myself.

The instructions that she had given me really worked and once I got the routine going it was easy to keep to. Six sessions later I really feel the benefit and am happy and healthy once more.

Alice is a wonderful teacher, I couldn’t recommend her more.

October 2023

I was introduced to Alice by my sister. Alice has helped me more than I could have imagined. As a diabetic of 12 years, she has listened and advised and as a result, I’ve been able to reduce my HbA1C.

She is still there for me which is wonderfully reassuring. I would recommend Alice unconditionally.”

September 2023

“I met Alice at a yoga retreat where she was introduced to us as being able to offer her professional service with advice and guidance on nutrition. I decided to work with Alice, signing-up for a number of Zoom sessions over a period of months during 2022.

I found the sessions very informative and helpful particularly those discussions covering gut health, which have transformed the way I consider and prioritise this area of my body. I have no hesitation in recommending Alice’s practical, approachable and professional service.

July 2023

“I went to Alice for advice, knowing that she’s an expert with a lot of personal history in nutrition and diabetes. I was looking for help to manage my blood sugars after finding out that I was close to the pre-diabetic scale.

My initial concern was that I’d have to majorly change my lifestyle and nutrition, even though I thought I was already doing pretty well on the healthy scale. But I was concerned that if I did nothing I would end up fully diabetic within the next couple of decades, so I wanted to take some control over it and do that through better knowledge and choices.

The program from Alice was really helpful. First of all by simply writing a food diary. It already started to get me thinking about things and onto better habits such as drinking more water. I was pleasantly surprised by Alice’s approach of seeking to understand and listen to my situation before providing advice. I was concerned the focus would be on losing weight and Alice assured me that this was not the number one priority.

So far, only a few weeks in, the main result I’ve experienced is less bloatedness, particularly in the afternoons. I think my general constitution is running more smoothly and I definitely don’t have so much of the “ups and downs” in energy levels during the day, so I feel more balanced.

My advice to anyone else considering getting Alice’s help is that she will customise her support to what is going to be best for you. This is really different to what I’ve previously experienced for myself and others in my family, and what is available on the NHS.

Alice is also a no-nonsense person who won’t sugar-coat things (both figuratively and literally!) It is so worth taking the time and effort to focus on yourself to get really good customised advice and regular updates from Alice.”

July 2023

“I met Alice when I was struggling with various different health issues and feeling very frustrated at not getting anywhere or making progress. Meeting her truly turned everything around for me.

She was able to help me get to the bottom of what was going on and I think it would have taken me months or years to figure any of it out without her. She really understood what I was going through from the start and was so compassionate and understanding.

Her approach is very holistic and she understands and guides you from both a traditional medicine perspective as well as bringing in things I would never have known about without her guidance.

My energy and health have improved hugely since working with Alice, and I now feel like I am on the path to feeling better than I ever have. I know I can rely on her to support and guide me in future if I need it.

I’m very grateful I met her when I did and would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with a health and wellbeing issue to speak to her.

July 2023

I contacted Alice for help to control candida in my gut which was causing me health problems. I had decided that I needed help with nutrition rather than the route of 6 months of medication from the doctor.

I honestly am amazed at the results. The plan that Alice put in place for me is one which I know I can return to if I ever have a hint of my issues returning.

Alice was not only great at coaching me through my nutrition she was also sympathetic and caring.

I would highly recommend Alice to guide anyone through nutrition and or wellbeing. I feel like I have some tools for life now!

May 2023

“Alice is exactly what you would want with a nutritionist, she listens, doesn’t judge and gives clear advice that you can follow and put into practice. I worked with her to talk about control of Perimenopause symptoms and set me up for the future. I am so happy I found her and I would recommend her advice to anyone.

April 2023

 “I recognised before I started working with Alice that stress and challenges have impacted my eating for as long as I can remember. I felt my habits were far too well ingrained and did wonder if and why this programme would be any different.

As a counsellor and coach and working holistically myself I loved Alice’s ways of working with Mind, body and spirit. Recognising that food and eating is not just about food but so much more, including the impact of stress on our emotions and behaviours.

Working with Alice on the programme and the ongoing support has enabled me to stop and question whether I am eating mindfully or have been triggered. I have also been able to set some healthy habits in place, which I am taking forward.

This is only the start of the process of change which I am bringing into my life one step at a time. Rather than an all or nothing approach, as in the past.

I would definitely recommend working with Alice to understand your patterns of eating and to establish a much kinder way to view your body, food and nutrition.”

October 2022

“Working with Alice over the last few months has been truly transformative for me. I have had a complicated relationship with food throughout my life and Alice really helped me unpick all my thinking and beliefs to change my perspective entirely.

She has also been a wonderful support to me through a very difficult time in my life, losing my beloved Mum and it’s a testament to the power of Alice’s work and approach that my new habits are able to support me at the moment rather than falling back into unhealthier ones, as I might have done without her, to ‘comfort’ me. I see food and nutrition in a very different way now and no longer crave foods that I know won’t help me feel healthy.

She is a brilliant coach and guide, working with the person first and has huge expertise that it was wonderful to tap into. I didn’t really think I’d be able to change the habits of a lifetime going into my work with her so I am surprised and delighted at the results. Despite the difficult circumstances in my life at the moment, I feel healthy and able to cope with the challenges of each day, knowing I have the habits and practices to hold me up. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

September 2022

“I love how Alice’s suggestions and tips to make positive eating and health changes are so easy and accessible. Her recommendation to place a glass of water by my kettle to drink each time I go to make cup of tea is really helping me stay hydrated! She knows her stuff. And such a friendly group too.”

August 2022

“Before working with Alice, I struggled with a combination of long Covid and glandular fever. I was exhausted all the time, felt daily flu symptoms, and couldn’t engage with my work or social life like I had before. Just two months later and I am feeling better than I did pre-pandemic! Alice has been a lifesaver and there is no way I would have been able to get back to myself so quickly had she not been recommended to me by a friend!

My programme was easy to follow and always kept simple and uncomplicated. As someone who is very interested in wellness, I had never come across some of the things Alice prescribed, and now they are part of my daily routine! She also helped me kick my sugar habit, and I had no idea how much it was depleting my energy and messing with my blood sugar. I don’t think I could have done this without her help, and having someone gently keeping me accountable has helped me apply this change for life!

Alice is warm, caring, and full of wisdom! Her previous experience working in conventional and holistic medicine has made her approach very well-rounded and effective. She not only looks at the standard symptoms associated with your diagnosis, but also addresses the bigger picture of your life. As someone who has experienced illness herself, she has so much empathy and truly understands the isolation and confusion that being unwell brings!

If you are struggling with sickness or an energy issue, don’t hesitate to book a session with Alice! She is a fountain of knowledge with boundless compassion, and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to help me through this troubling period. Anytime I have a similar issue in the future, Alice will be my first call and someone I trust to build back my health! Thank you for everything and I am sure I will be in touch in the future for more of her valuable advice!

August 2022

“I had a discovery call With Alice, and have benefited greatly. She is very knowledgeable and has a lovely way about her that made me feel very comfortable.

I am a generally healthy person but Alice was able to uncover some gaps in my eating habits to help me improve my diet and energy levels. If you are feeling under par or just want some advice, I would highly recommend a chat with her.”

May 2022

As a Type II Diabetic, I have found the last couple of years a little trying to say the least! It’s not easy at the best of times to stick to a dietary regime that is designed to keep blood sugars under control, and the added pressures and conditions of the COVID lockdowns made it even more difficult. I did find the approach of my GP and Practice Nurses was encouraging but somewhat mono dimensional (“Just keep on taking your Metformin”) and there was never really an approach that was other that medication related.

I found Alice helpful, interested, analytical, challenging (at times) and non judgemental. She also has a number of excellent dietary and exercise suggestions and regimes that she encourages and promotes

I have continued to see a reduction in my HBA1C levels and my weight has continued to reduce (in spite of lockdown and other festive distractions). I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to a friend,, relative or anyone with Type II Diabetes.”

February 2022

“Before speaking to Alice, I had had issues with food for years, mainly with binge eating and snacking due to never truly feeling full. I wanted to speak to a nutritionist so I could focus on nourishing my body, feel energised and full, and set up healthy habits for life.

Alice helped me achieve all of these things with her clear and straightforward approach, as well as other numerous benefits, such as my skin clearing up and excess weight coming off slowly and naturally.

Rather than a quick fix, I now feel prepared to take the lessons I’ve learned with Alice and apply them for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend speaking with her if you want an accessible and uncomplicated guide to setting up healthy eating habits for life.

March 2022

“I have health and age issues against me but, last week I had a nutrition consultation with Alice Yeates – it was fabulous.

Alice assessed, listened and discussed a personal nutrition plan ( the plan was packed with information and guidance )I would love a short term fix but recognise changes I make have to be for the long term. Alice enabled me to believe this is possible. Thank you.”

February 2022

“I started working with Alice in November 2020 as I had been struggling for a number of years with significant hormonal mood swings which had become unbearable. When I started with Alice, I was taking sertraline to manage the mood swings but was still struggling with low mood and anxiety on a regular basis.

I wasn’t entirely sure how Alice could help but I wanted to try as I had started to become aware of the link between the gut and moods. Alice quickly gave me a good idea of how she could help and I already had some steps to take after our first indepth session. I started seeing improvements in my levels of anxiety within 3 months which was very positive.

Lower mood took a bit longer to kick but I kept working with Alice, dropping from weekly to monthly sessions. My mood and energy levels have been better and better and I have been able to come off sertraline, 10 months after I started working with Alice which is fantastic!

I would strongly recommend Alice for any hormonal/mood or anxiety issues as she is very knowledgeable on the topic, not just from a nutritionist perspective but also more holistically and our regular sessions really helped to keep me accountable with both nutrition and other life shifts I wanted to make.

October 2021

“I found the session really helpful and eye-opening. I only had an hour appointment but learnt a lot in this time that shed light on problems I’ve experienced for more than 10 years.

I felt a lot more positive and empowered afterwards in knowing that there are things I can do to change my symptoms and that I don’t have to live with digestion issues for the rest of my life. I also felt very supported in the journey and that Alice genuinely cares about clients and the experiences they go through.

October 2021

I was struggling with yeast infections, brain fog, fatigue & joint pain. I was not sure if all my symptoms could all be solved. I was surprised by the power of changing some small things and how quickly my body reacted positively to those changes.

I enjoyed working with Alice and my results of no fatigue dizziness or brain fog happened so quickly.

I would definitely recommend working with Alice as she is so kind and helpful. She really listens to the body and mind in a holistic manner as a whole. I think this is very important.

October 2021

“Alice’s knowledge is endless, she is a great listener. Within one conversation she helped me with a long-standing issue with my gut.

Do you have an issue that is affecting you on a daily basis that you have been surviving with, or have given up hope in ever finding a better solution to improve your daily life and release you from pain or lack of energy?

Then call Alice – the real superwoman! If I had to sum up Alice I would say ‘LIFE CHANGING’.

September 2021

“I saw a post online from a trusted colleague that Alice was doing a 7 day course entitled ‘Cut the cravings and take better care of yourself’ . At this time I was desperate for help to stop me craving and binge eating sweet things , particularly in the mid afternoon . I knew that I couldn’t continue like this so I decided to sign up for the course. And, boy, I’m so glad I did!

Alice is a Naturopath and a Nutritionist and is highly knowledgable. She clearly explained the science as to why we crave sweet things and gave us several things to do and / or not do and helpful tools and tips to help stop the cravings.

I learned so much on this course, and it’s made me want to learn more about how to take better care of myself!

Since starting the course I have not had the severe cravings that I had before and , but i now have the tips and tools to help if I do get them ….I feel more positive and I’m looking forward to learning more with Alice.


“I had a consultation with Alice last week and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. As a Type 1 diabetic of 25 years it was amazing to speak to someone who was kind and empathetic and really listened to the everyday struggles that I have with managing my diabetes.

During our consultation, Alice suggested some small changes that I could start putting into action and I am already feeling the benefits of these. I feel like I have more control with regards to my diabetes and my mood has increased dramatically.

Thank you, Alice, for taking the time to speak with me. I will definitely be back in touch in the new year.”


Donna Scott
December 2020

“I cannot speak more highly of Alice who took me under her wing back in October 2020. I had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes around 2 years prior and really did not grasp the importance of getting in control of how I lived my life day to day and the foods that directly impacted on my blood sugar levels.

Poor sleep, fatigue , poor concentration, fidgeting were just a few symptoms that I had put down to a serious car crash incurred 5 years ago. Alice’s husband Nick, who is good friend, happened to mention the work Alice was doing with diabetes and nutrition . The rest as they say is history.

Following an initial 1 hour consultation with Alice we engaged in weekly zoom calls to discuss my diet and together we started to make small subtle changes to my lifestyle. Alice is a total professional and has a fantastic demeanour backed up with in depth knowledge having once trained as a diabetic nurse. Having Alice in my corner truly opened up my ignorance of the risks associated with Type 2 diabetes.

I could write a novel here but the bottom line my whole outlook on diabetes and what stokes the fires or blood sugar levels has been
transformational and that is totally down to Alice and her guidance . I am making significant strides towards reversing my diabetes but I also know when fixed what NOT to do in the future.

If you are reading this and are worried about your diabetes take my advice and call Alice.”


Phil Chatterton
March 2021

“I contacted Alice back in April as I was suffering from Long Covid. Having been an extremely fit and active 55-year-old (running, cycling, CrossFit, yoga) I found myself struggling to even go for a short stroll and was constantly exhausted.

My initial consultation with Alice was 2 hours long which she split into two sessions of 1 hour as I did not have the energy to talk for 2 hours. I thought we would just be addressing the energy issues related to my long covid however so many other issues came up during this consultation including my underactive thyroid, low mood and constipation.

We had 8 sessions following this initial consultation and I can honestly say that I have my energy back, I am almost off anti-depressants which I had been on for 15 years and I no longer have constipation — she is a miracle worker!”

CK Kent
September 2021

“Alice has truly transformed my life in the most sustainable way. I hadn’t worked with a specialist on my dietary habits but I was sure I could do better with my nutrition and I needed someone to give me simple tips that I can implement with a busy life. Alice has gone above and beyond just improving my diet, for the 8 weeks we worked together she became a partner, helping with lifestyle advice that improved my mental health as well. She guided me through incremental weekly changes and my habits have now changed and I feel much better for it.”

Radi I
April 2021

“After a 6 monthly blood test with the diabetic nurse I was recalled to see the doctor for a more in-depth review as I had a 72 mmol reading the test (HbA1c blood sugar) was on the 3rd Jan.

I have had the good fortune to meet Alice of Help me Healthy who has assessed my past and resent results and given me realistic diet advise and monitoring whilst introducing curalin into my treatment. With in 4 weeks of taking curalin and weekly support of Alice my blood levels have dramatically improved whilst my reliance on 4 metformin a day has reduced to one not only has there been massive improvement in my blood but my energy and happiness levels have taken a noticeable up turn, I really feel very positive about this refreshing approach to my Diabetes.”


Kevin, Sussex
February 2020

“I’ve been struggling with my energy & diet for some time, and thought that I should be feeling far better as I considered myself in “reasonable” shape, despite carrying extra weight.

When I first chatted to Alice & described my situation & answered her questions, she gave me some thoughts on what the issues were, & it was like a lightbulb had come on – she described how I was feeling, and explained the likely causes, and that gave me confidence that she could help me.

I found the weekly check-ins really helpful as I need accountability, and we could assess on a regular basis what was working and what needed tweaking or adding.

Alice has an enormous pool of knowledge and used that to help me start to regain control of my health. I know it took a while to get to where I was and I’ll need to work on things for some time, and I need to continue the lifestyle changes to keep getting healthier, but Alice has made that seem less of a challenge. She is so knowledgeable, supportive and empathetic, and I enjoy working with her. I really recommend her!”


TR, SW London
November 2020

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