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Supporting people with diabetes and low energy

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Hi, I’m Alice

I’m here to support you to change your sugar habits so that you can

Eat better

Sleep better

Move better

Feel better

I work with both men and women, providing support to manage diabetes, pre-diabetes, thyroid and fatigue. As you get older it becomes increasingly difficult and stressful to manage diabetes and illness yourself. You need professional help and I am here to support and guide you on your journey to a new way of living.

I also support many women who have problems with diabetes, thyroid and low energy in their childbearing and menopause years. So, if you think that craving sugar and being constantly tired is part of life, think again! You can feel happy and healthy again!

As a former diabetes nurse and qualified Nutritional Therapist I work with groups and individuals.  Using my extensive knowledge I help people balance their hormones, increase their energy and feel amazing. It’s all about learning to balance your sugar – and I will show you how.

The benefits of working closely with me are that you will STAY ON TRACK and you will see RESULTS.

Diabetes and Energy Nutrition


How are you feeling right now?
Are you worried about diabetes due to your family history?
Are you pre-diabetic or diabetic?
Do you suffer from unusually low energy?

Do you have thyroid or hormone imbalances?
Do you experience low mood and fatigue?

Are you suffering from Long COVID?


If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’ then please do get in touch to find out how my programmes will would work for you.

Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes Support

Fatigue and Thyroid Support

Help for Healthy Hormones

Do you want to TALK about it?

Healthy Habits Club

The Healthy Habits Club is a membership community to support you to discover the secrets of boundless energy by creating healthier habits.

I have been helping lots of people change their sugar habits and protect themselves from diabetes. I want to help you too.

This membership is about support and encouragement if you have been told you are pre-diabetic or you are concerned about diabetes. It’s also about motivating you to help you to have more energy, to do the things you love for longer, by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Here’s what’s included:

Articles each month on different topics

Monthly club Zoom calls

Quarterly 1:1 calls

Guest speaker webinars each month

Weekly Q&A


Dedicated WhatsApp Group

Only £20 per month

I wasn’t sure if a group would be enough or if I needed a 1-2-1 basis. This group turned out to be just right for me.

This is not a January yo-yo diet club, it is a ‘healthy living club’ that is supportive and fun!

Heathy Habits Club