Healthy Habits Club

Online Community

You know your body is talking to you right now. It wants help and I can teach you to hear its subtle messages.

  • Discover what’s really stopping you from doing the things you know you ‘should’ be doing to help your health.
  • Work out how to easily fit in those healthy habits that prevent ill health, tiredness and emotional fatigue.
  • Be empowered to take charge of your own healing with small tweaks to your lifestyle.
  • Learn how to make choices that positively impact your health.

What’s included:

Your weekly email

Week 1 – An additional articles each month (just for members) on nutrition, forming new habits and shifting behaviour patterns.

Week 2 – Monthly Motivation Zoom calls – second Tuesday of each month

Week 3 – Tasty recipes to encourage healthy home cooking

Recommended Reads to inspire change

Week 4 – Bonus Resource to motivate you in the form of articles, podcasts, meditations etc.

Support and motivation from a Dedicated WhatsApp Group

Discounted 1:1 sessions for Personalised Support


Healthy Habits Club

The Healthy Habits Club is a membership community to encourage you to look at the habits that drive your physical and emotional wellbeing and help you to shift the behaviours that hold you back to ones that create less pain and more energy.

I am here to help the group begin their healing process by nurturing themselves with positive changes to lifestyle and behaviours. I am here to guide you all on a path towards better physical health and improved emotional wellbeing.

This membership is here to help you learn more about the habits and behaviours which drive the actions that are detrimental to your wellbeing and using that knowledge to inspire change.

Only £20 per month

“This is not a January yo-yo diet club, it is a ‘healthy living club’ that is supportive and fun!”

“Easy to manage information in bite-size chunks that you can digest and implement into your daily life. Monthly talks and guest speakers keep you on track.”

Heathy Habits Club