I’ve had the pleasure of working with many clients who have successfully managed their blood sugar levels through dietary and lifestyle changes. Here are two inspiring stories:

Brian’s Journey

Take Brian, a man in his 60s who came to me in November with an HbA1c (blood sugar level) of 48 which is in the Diabetic range. He was shocked, he is slim and plays regular golf and was surprised by this result. We talked about what he was eating, about his stress levels and about his lifestyle generally and set up a plan for him to get started. By January his blood sugar reading was down to 44 and in the following April it was 42. He puts this down to me, I put it down to his dedication and his attention to his stress levels as well as his food, drink and movement.

Brenda’s Transformation

I had another client, a woman this time let’s call her Brenda. She had been diabetic for 12 years. She could not get her sugars down, she was on 3 different medications and was beginning to have trouble with her eyesight. Her blood sugar was at 47 when she came to me in April 2023 and admittedly it took a bit of time to get it down. The last time I spoke to her, February 2024, it had come down to 42 and she was asking if there was any chance she would ever be back in the normal range, that’s below 41. I said it was a definite possibility and not to lose hope, she has done amazingly. She thought she had done everything when we started working together and we still managed to make a difference. Very exciting.

The Power of Lifestyle Changes

These stories demonstrate the powerful impact that lifestyle changes can have on blood sugar levels. By focusing on nutrition, stress management, and movement, it’s possible to achieve significant improvements in health, even for those who have struggled with diabetes for years. You can read more success stories here.

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