How your biggest self-improvement goals come about by using easy, tiny, simple changes.

I have recently been introduced to the Japanese word “kaizen” which means “change for the better” and is all about continuous improvement. It’s a method adopted by the Toyota company to enhance workforce performance. What I love about this concept is that it doesn’t have to be hard because it can be done with tiny simple changes. The Japanese recommend looking at your own performance, finding room for improvement, being aware of what is going according to plan and what is not and using that as your motivation to improve.

‌Adopting this mindset can help you to break the patterns that you have held for years and gradually make progress and with progress comes confidence.

‌What I have noticed with my Healthy Habits Club members is the way their confidence grows as they achieve even small levels of progress and this leads to even bigger achievements, like Caroline who got her HbA1c down from 37 to 30 and changed her risk of diabetes from 60% to 0.6%, the doctor she saw could not believe it, and Gerry whose HbA1c has come down from 67 to 46, wow what an achievement!

Then there’s Helen who has changed her days from feeling tired and unmotivated to energised and focussed. Helen has an active social life and now understands how to manage her food and drink in simple ways and keeps to it most of the time without spoiling the fun!

With these successes in mind, I asked all the members of my Healthy Habits Club to tell you about their progress.

Successes of Healthy Habits Club Members

At the start, many of them felt a bit lost on their health journey. This is what they had to say about their feelings before they got started.

Shared feelings of uncertainty

  • “Ok. Struggling with weight but ok.”
  • “Unwell. Feeling out of control and needed a focus.”
  • “Worried about my pre-diabetes diagnosis.”
  • “Lack of direction and focus and inconsistent.”

Fast forward to those who have been members for a short while, and the narrative becomes a story of confidence and self-belief.

The start of confidence in action

  • “Nothing yet. Energy levels improved and support that helps me believe I can keep going.”
  • “I feel I generally make good decisions now regarding my health, and if I slip, I know my triggers.”
  • “I am out of the pre-diabetic range. Even when I’m inconsistent, I no longer beat myself up about it, and I celebrate the wins and let go easily if any slips. I feel as though I have my balance.”

You can see the change, where personal struggle has shifted into seeing the possibility for growth and resilience.

When asked what has changed we start to notice feelings of achievement and success within the group.

And then we start to see the results

  • “Not going for a carb-heavy sweet snack mid-afternoon, I don’t crave it anymore.”
  • “It helped me address the problem with support.”
  • “Reminding me what I’m already doing and building on it constantly. Having a check-in each month makes a big difference as well. It’s a little reminder to course correct.”

This is the heart of our story—the triumphs, the progress, the sweet spot where small victories shape shared progress.

When asking what results members had seen recently the answers were so encouraging for me and I hope for you as well.

Tangible Results of Community Support

  • “Opportunity to experience new calming techniques.”
  • “Having more energy and feeling more positive.”
  • “Keeps me focused knowing there is support.”
  • “Gives me confidence in myself about how far I’ve come; any reminders of note to self-sabotage, I’ll beat myself up.”

These results aren’t just individual victories; they are a testament to the strength and support within our Healthy Habits Club.

Our Recommendations Could Shape Your Future

  • “Book a 1-2-1 and really get to know Alice. Her knowledge and friendliness are fabulous.”
  • “If you’re lost and feel you can’t… Alice will find you and enable you to see you can.”
  • “I have recommended you and passed on your details to friends. As I met you in person first, that was how I decided to join the group.”
  • “Always recommending, how much a big part of my life to have accountability and valued wisdom and knowledge from a trusted source.”

Join Me in the Next Chapter

Most of you know what you could or should be doing to help your health but are you actually doing it? If you keep putting it off or beating yourself up for falling off the wagon then this is the community for you. Most of you have already met me and know how I work. Practical sensible ideas for you to start actually implementing in your life to begin your journey to better health.

YOU CAN DO IT, you just need to know HOW

I invite you to join me in the next chapter of our Healthy Habits Club story. These stories are not just testimonials—they are invitations to a community that supports, inspires, and thrives together.

If you follow this link you can take advantage of my New Year offer of 1 hour for £99 to get you started. What will you get?

An MOT, a Health Assessment where we look together at where you are now. I can look at blood tests if you have them or discuss symptoms or niggles that are worrying you about your health, and then we will come up with a plan of action that works for you. Very simple, nothing complicated, just achievable action. You will also get a month’s FREE membership to the Healthy Habits Club. I will share the code with you for that after we have completed the Health Assessment.

Sounds good doesn’t it? I promise you that when you make it simple, change is something you can achieve too. No more beating yourself up, or saying you’ll start tomorrow. If you can just get started then you can make progress, it’s that simple.