Sugar is addictive, it releases dopamine and opioids in our brain. Dopamine influences how we feel pleasure hence the need for more sugar once you have some.

So how can we curb those sugar cravings addictions?

Most sugar cravings stem from a blood sugar imbalance, so how do you keep your blood sugar stable?

1. Drink Water and watch the sugar cravings reduce

Drink water whenever you feel like a sugary snack drink water.  Not only does water reduce the cravings it also gives you more energy, reduces the possibility of headaches and helps to keep your hormones balanced.

2. Eat Protein

If you are someone that gets hungry quickly and gets tired after lunch then you may easily have a little insulin resistance.  That means that the insulin you produce is not being used to its full potential by the body.  This leads to blood sugar that goes up and down and causes hunger, tiredness and sugar cravings.  So eating protein for every meal, including breakfast can help to stabilise those fluctuations.

3. Quit the snacking, to quit the sugar cravings

Eat a well-balanced meal with plenty of protein and vegetables when you are hungry and stop snacking.  Just drink water between meals, save the sweet treats and coffee or tea for after a meal instead of having them on their own.  This helps your gut to work more efficiently and keeps your blood sugar stable.  I warn you though the first couple of days can be hard, then the body seems to get used to it.

4. Move

It’s a distraction and even mild exercise triggers the metabolism and supports the supply of sugar to the brain which reduces the need for sugar.

5. Cut the fizzy and sugar-filled drinks

Cut the fizzy drinks, even diet ones.  Whether it’s sugar in the can or sweeteners, fizzy drinks still cause our bodies to produce more insulin.  The insulin then brings the blood sugar level down and at that point, your body is more likely to crave sugar for energy.

The trick is to eat to keep your blood sugar stable.

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