Can you still fit into trousers you wore when you were 20 – that’s what Roy Taylor is asking. He says we should all be able to. He has proved that diabetes is reversible, something that nutritional therapists have always believed but thankfully it is out there in the press now so it must be true!

Taylor trialled 5000 people with a regime to naturally bring their blood sugar under control. He says he worries because he knows that diabetes can creep up on anyone. “Years of charity poster campaigns have fixed it in our minds that only considerably overweight people get diabetes,” he says “but half of those who develop type 2 diabetes are not obese. They don’t necessarily even look overweight. Around one in ten are in the normal range for BMI (body mass index) when diagnosed. But they have become too heavy for their own body.”

He talks about the consumer society where we are surrounded by tempting snacks and that if we put on a little each year we outgrow the healthy size of our body which needs to resemble the one we had when we were young.

The conventional treatment is blood sugar lowering tablets, these can lead to further weight gain and when these no longer work then the only option is insulin injections. My experience with these is that if people don’t make the necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle then the tablets have a limited time frame – as in they stop being effective.

Professor Taylor says that prevention is preferable to cure and that if we are aware of fat going on we should take notice of it straight away and not let it get to the stage where it starts depositing around our organs. When fat collects around the pancreas and the liver, the pancreas begins not to respond so well and produces less insulin causing the sugar to stay in the blood.

Have to say his statement that “Snacking should be banned” is right in line with how I work. If you eat decent balanced home cooked and healthy meals then you should not need to snack. We truly support the efficiency of our digestive process by not snacking. If you are one to eat breakfast, he suggests that you eat a proper breakfast like a boiled egg rather than catching something on the go. If you are not one to eat breakfast then again avoiding catching something on the go or snacking on sweet things.

His magic number is 15kg, Taylor says that whatever weight you are, that is the weight you need to lose to get your blood sugar back on track, then if you have more to lose you need to keep eating a healthy diet to maintain the weight loss.

This all sounds very straightforward but I do think it may be harder than he thinks for some people.

I have kept this reasonably simple. There is more should you wish to download the whole article. If you want to know any more about how to get back in control of your blood sugar then I would be happy to help. Please get in touch.

Extracted from The Times article –

Life without Diabetes by Professor Roy Taylor is published by Short books.