Now these are not perfect, they are still sweet, so don’t eat them all at once! Stick to the treat after meals and enjoy. They are so, so easy to make and really tasty.


  • 250g stone-less or chopped dates
  • 200g chestnuts (cooked, peeled and ready to use)
  • 100g dark chocolate (85%)
  • 4 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • A little milk or milk alternative, I used almond milk


Melt the chocolate in a bowl over water simmering in a pan.  Add a teaspoon of honey to the chocolate.  Now put the dates and chestnuts in the food processor and mix until they resemble breadcrumbs.  Add a little milk until they become slightly sticky.  Add the date and chestnut mixture into the chocolate bit by bit until fully mixed, use a little extra milk until it all sticks together but only just.

Now line a tin 8”x8” with baking/greaseproof paper and put the mixture into the tin. Press it down with a fork until evenly spread throughout the tin.  Place in the fridge to cool. Once fully cooled cut into 1” squares and decorate with a piece of nut of your choice or not as the case may be.  

They look beautiful on a piece of bright-coloured tissue and make a lovely gift for someone who you know would like to be healthy but loves chocolate.