Earlier in the month I shared an article in the Times “How to avoid hangovers, colds and tiredness in party season”. It was a subscription article so I said I would write my version of it for you.

Anna Maxted said in the article that you can make it through without getting exhausted and ill.

So here is my take on staying well over the next couple of weeks.

Stay hydrated

Drink water alongside alcohol.
Drink when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

Have a glass next to the kettle and drink each time you put the kettle on.

Have some water whenever you buy a coffee or tea. Get the idea. Just keep drinking water.


An obvious one – avoid coffee after 2pm
Make sure to get out in daylight shortly after you get up, even if it’s 2 in the afternoon! This stimulates your circadian rhythm which controls your sleep cycle. Also make sure it’s truly dark when you are trying to sleep, this includes blue light from phones and tablets.

Get air and keep moving. Any level of exercise will help the body to so many people stop exercising in the party season, keep up with some exercise as it will help

When you’re feeling at your worst, drink some water and do a few squats in the kitchen while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, a few push ups with your hands on the work top while the toast is down, some lunges while the bacon is cooking. Just keep moving.

Eat well

If you are shifting your routine then shift your food routine as well. Eating within a 12 hour window you give your body a full 12 hours to rest and restore itself for the next day.

Eat a well balanced breakfast that includes carbs, fats and proteins (with less of the carbs!). My favourite is eggs and avocados and I always include toast (mine has to be gluten free) when I’ve had a late night. If you are a granola or muesli fan then make sure to include some protein with your breakfast, add some nuts, seeds or natural yoghurt. This will help to balance your blood sugar, the protein will slow down the release of sugar.

Eat well when you’re not partying. Follow the guidelines above and include plenty of good vegetables to maintain your vitamins and minerals.

Be sure to have gaps between meals where to give your digestion a chance to work effectively when you do eat. When you fancy a snack drink water. Don’t reach for the sugar, you’ll regret it

Party time

Have some food before you start drinking. Alcohol has a profound effect on our blood sugar and causes it to drop more dramatically than usual so starting off with food will reduce this effect.

Drink water. Every time you refill your drink have some water as well. If you are sitting at a table this is usually quite easy. In a bar maybe not quite so simple. Just make sure to drink some water when it’s your turn to buy the drinks.