It’s rich and luxurious and has very little sugar in it. In the summer I serve it with berries and you can add some cream or creme fraiche if you’re feeling decadent. Perfect for when you have some friends around.

You can put it all in a big bowl or make individual servings in a glass or coffee cup.

It takes about 15-20 minutes to make and needs to be made a couple of hours in advance and left to set in the fridge.

This recipe serves 6.


100g dark chocolate (70/85%)

4 eggs


  • Break the chocolate into a double saucepan and melt. Put to one side to cool a little.
  • Separate the eggs. You will need both the yolks and the whites in fairly large bowls, The yolks in the largest one.
  • When the melted chocolate is cooled mix it with the egg yolks using a whisk. If it is too hot the egg yolks cook and the mixture is hard to use. This mixture may become quite thick, don’t worry.
  • Now whisk the egg whites until very stiff preferably using an electric whisk.
  • Get a large metal spoon and fold one spoon of egg white into the chocolate mixture until smooth. Now add another spoonful. Once the mixture is smooth and easy to fold then add a third of the egg whites and fold in, again until smooth and full mixed. Try to keep as much air in as possible. Now add the remaining egg whites and fold in again.

You can now transfer the mixture to a serving bowl or glasses, cups of your choice.

This is very rich and best served with teaspoons!