This is a delicious way to eat fresh courgettes, the olive oil marinades them and makes them tender while they retain their lovely sweet flavour. This plum sauce (Umeboshi paste) is a great vegan alternative to parmesan and still gives a tang to the pesto.

Preparation time 10-15 mins
Serves 4 as a side salad
2 medium courgettes
8-10 cherry or baby plum tomatoes
Olive oil

For the pesto
Leaves from 3 stems of fresh basil
4 tsp olive oil
30g pine nuts
Half a teaspoon of plum sauce or a little grated parmesan
1 tsp lemon juice

Start by chopping the tomatoes into bite-sized pieces then sprinkle a little salt over them and put to one side.
Now make the pesto in the food processor. Tear the basil leaves into the container, add the pine nuts and pour on 4 tbs olive oil. Blend a little then add the plum sauce or parmesan and blend again, not for too long as you want a little texture to the pesto.
Now prepare the courgettes. Cut them in half lengthways and then peel them lengthways on the side Each half you peel combine the courgettes with some olive oil so that they are coated. Otherwise they will oxidise and go brown. The easiest way to do this is with your hands!
Once you have peeled all the courgette add the pesto dressing and mix, then gently stir in the tomatoes so you don’t break them up.