Can be eaten as a starter or a side dish.
Serves 4-6
3 large, 6 small or 12 baby courgettes (zucchini)
A few sprigs of fresh basil or mint
One lemon, one slice and juice of half.
a large knob of butter
2 tbs olive oil
Dukkah – see separate recipe

Top and tail the courgettes then cut them into thick lengths, see image.
Heat the oil in the pan and add the courgettes.
Cook for 3-4 minutes or until golden then turn, add a slice of lemon cut into two halves.
Now cook again for 3-4 minutes until the other side of courgette is golden. Add the butter and let sizzle for a few seconds. Now take off the heat and add the juice of half the lemon. Give the whole thing a good toss in the pan to take on the juice and the butter then transfer to a serving dish. The dukkah can be added to the dish or put on the table for people to help themselves.