What can we do to love ourselves?

Tip 1 – Do something that makes your heart sing.
What makes your heart sing?
We are so often busy being busy that we forget to do the things we truly love. Get out there and do one thing you truly love doing

Tip 2 – Something for you.
Do something just for you, make some time for just you, not your children, not your best friend, not your partner or your parents, just YOU!
Read a book, watch some tv, listen to music, go for a walk, anything that takes your fancy.
Enjoy spending time with just you as much as you do with friends and family.

Tip 3 – Look after No 1.
Sounds selfish doesn’t it but put it another way – put on your own oxygen mask first. If you are a giver then just think, if you don’t look after yourself how can you help other people?

Tip 4 – What do you like about yourself?
How does this question make you feel? Do you cringe? Write a list of things that you like about yourself. It’s great for the self esteem.
If you struggle then ask other people what they would write about you. Try it, it can be a real eye opener.

Tip 5 – Learn to Say NO
If you are someone that always says yes, and you get tired with doing so much, then look after yourself by saying NO occasionally. There will be times when it’s important to have respect for yourself, we need to be clear with people about how we feel when they keep asking.
If you keep saying yes, they will keep asking so just for once, why not say no. See how you feel.
Tip 6 – I can’t do that “yet”.
Next time you think “I can’t do that” or “That’s not for me” just add on a “yet”. When you decide you can’t do something it sends a message to our brain to close down that idea. If you use the word “yet” it gives room to come back to the idea and allows us to grow.

Tip 7 – Nourish your mind
Deep breathing, sleep, meditate, yoga, get out in nature. These are all things that nourish our mind.
Try to incorporate at least one of these in your day, every day.

Tip 8 – Nourish your body
Feed yourself well with veggies, enough protein, some high quality fats and some healthy carbs.
Eat plenty of the right things and you will have boundless energy.
This is what I do and I love it, it’s new to me since I was ill 10 years ago but I just love it.

Tip 9 – Treat yourself
My father-in-law always said “Do as you would be done by.” In other words treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, with love, compassion and respect.
Now it’s time to treat yourself like that as well. Ask yourself: “What would I say to a good friend right now?” and try to treat yourself the same way.

Tip 10 – Bring the set of ideas together and BE AMAZING.
Easier said than done you say. It’s all very well me giving you this information but you hardly have time to decide what clothes to wear each day, let alone time to look after yourself but you CAN make those small changes which have a BIG impact on your energy so you can jump out of bed ready to face every day with energy and enthusiasm.

Much love from me. Look after yourself. Alice
If you think I might be able to help please do get in touch.