Everything that has come my way in the last week or so has been about navigating or managing change in my business. However, when I look at it it’s what I do with clients. I support them to navigate change and to find the things that make them feel better about themselves.

Change is constant.

Think of nature, it changes all the time, hibernation in winter, blossoms and lambs in spring, etc.

The reason we feel uncomfortable about change is that it threatens our safety, it makes us feel uncertain. As humans, we need the feeling of certainty. However, we also need variety and of course joy and having more of those makes us more resilient and gives us more time.

One of the things that I’ve been listening to is Mel Robbins’ new training, she is amazing by the way! If you haven’t come across her then I recommend you look her up on Instagram.

In her new training, she talks about the things that we can do to help us feel less stuck in our lives and she uses the same thoughts. By adding things that make your life better, then the things that keep you feeling down or stuck start to take on less significance.

She talks about reducing your capacity for joy by focusing on all the things that don’t work. But there is an easier way and that is, to add in more things that make you happy, more that brings you joy.

Instead of focusing on all of your problems, the pain, focus on healing, on success and on execution.

There will always be things that cause problems but by focusing on things that bring you joy and healing almost all of your capacity will be used by things that bring you joy, health and happiness.

She talks about coming away from trying to fix the problems that you have and moving towards the things that bring you joy.

The way I work is to encourage people to do just this, to add things that naturally support your health and happiness and by doing this the things that are not so good for your wellbeing naturally get pushed aside.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

I’ve found that once people start to add things in, things as simple as drinking a glass of water each time they make a cup of coffee or tea or eating protein for breakfast, then their life begins to shift.

Over time I have seen my clients make massive shifts in their lives by implementing small changes one step at a time. Several of my clients have gone on to change their job or career just a few months after starting to change their sugar habits, or paying more attention to themselves.

By adding something in just personal for you, research shows that you will start to feel like you have more time and more energy and that you could do even more exciting things with that time found. Instead of thinking about the things that drain you you start to think about things that energise you and the changes become easier.

Time to raise your standards, and play a game that makes life fun, that makes life worth getting out of bed for.

If you’re tired and stuck you are the one to raise your standards, to say “I’m not staying here any more”.

So if you have an issue with your health, you know you eat too much sugar or your body is trying to tell you something then take action. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to take up masses of time, we just need to get started.

If you’re someone who has a dream about where you’d like to be in your lifestyle, your health and your happiness but have no idea how to get there I can help you take small consistent steps to get there.

If you’re analytical and afraid of taking risks, you need to trust yourself and me to take you through a journey to achieve your dream of better health.

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